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The Other Irish Band
The Other Irish Band was formed in 1973.  The band plays traditional Irish music
(jigs, reels, hornpipes, O'Carolan's, etc.) in the authentic manner, bringing out the
true "lilting" spirit of the music.  Whether it be their instrumental or vocal
renditions of Irish ballads and pub tunes, The Other Irish Band provides the
proper Irish flair to any pub, wedding, or party event.  Mixed into the musical
array are selections from Beatles and Oldies to complement and ensure additional
fun to any festivity.

Click the following clips to hear samples of tunes we play.

Johnny O'Leary's                     Cooley's                  Margaret Crommer     
O'Carolan's Draught                 Si Beag Si Mor         Fields of Athenry     
Lark in the Morning                 Bonnie Charlie's
The Jig's Up (a Banjo Mike original)

                 Band Members' Bios:

                                          "Banjo Mike" Mulready

                                                  Bill Creighton

                                        Maija "Maggie" Henderson


                                 Contact Information:

Telephone: (860) 537-2747

Fax: (860) 537-6978

Postal address: 51 Williams Road, Colchester, CT 06415

For General Information:
........Irish music made in America
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