Band Members' Bios

Banjo Mike:

Mike Mulready (aka “Banjo Mike”) plays the Irish tenor banjo, Irish bouzouki and
classical guitar for the band as well as vocals.  He has played a wide array of music from
rock & roll to flamenco. He was the primary guitarist for the South American band
“Antares”, performing native Andean music with this Inca music band.  Being of Irish-
American descent, his love and interest in Irish music began at an early age.  By playing
at many of the Irish sessions throughout the Connecticut, New York & Boston area, Mike
gained a greater understanding of Irish traditional music by interacting and learning from
many of the local “masters” of this traditional genre and gaining the nickname “Banjo
Mike”.  He lists as his major Irish banjo influences Barney McKenna, Banjo Joe Burke,
Mick Moloney and Kieran Hanrahan.  He lives with his Hong Kong-born wife Barbara (a
nationally ranked Tai Chi champion, judge & instructor) in countryside Colchester, CT
building extensive water gardens between gigs.  One of his proudest musical moments is
listening to his koi fish (after several months of coaching) sing the tune "The Irish
Rover" in perfect three-part harmony as he accompanied them on the tenor banjo.  He is
presently negotiating with Bill & Maggie to allow the koi fish to tour with the band to
provide a harmonic chorus to several of the tunes.


It was around 1974 that Bill Creighton first heard the Bothy Band and Planxty, Irish
bands that remain unsurpassed, in his opinion to this day.  Celtic, Folk Rock, traditional
American roots music have remained his lifelong musical tastes.  Prior to playing with The
Other Irish Band, he had played in the Long Island Irish band, The Bog Trotters, and
more recently, an acoustic rock combo The Scavengers, which plays music of the Byrds
and the Band, that Bill grew up with.  Bill lives in Torrington, CT where he waits the
imminent arrival of the Prize Patrol.


Born in the lowlands of Wales in 1350, Maija (Maggie) Henderson comes to the group
with a solid background in all things Irish (most importantly, music, beer and men).  When
not playing fiddle, she can be found playing the baroque violin with The Mostly Baroque
Players and The Jovial Beggars.  She also enjoys corrupting, err, that is, teaching the
youth of today classical violin and fiddle, having graduated from the University of
Connecticut as a music major. However, upon joining the Other Irish Band and coming
under the astute influence of reprobates Bill and Mike, Maggie opted to join in on the
Irish music pub crawl forsaking a more academically sane musical life.  Maggie would like
to thank the makers of Guinness for helping her put up with Mike and Bill’s antics.
........Irish music made in America